Pray for Peace, Work for Peace

In some ways the early 21st century resembles political conditions at the dawn of the 20th century. Instead of a Cold War where two superpowers – the U.S.A. and the USSR – match strategic prowess in a game of international chess, we now have “hot” wars in Syria, Israel-Gaza and the Ukraine. Meanwhile, Japan watches nervously as China emerges as a new world power. This makes for a very complex international scene in which a misstep here or there can lead to even wider and bloodier wars. Praying for peace has never been more critical.

The U.S. Catholic bishops continue their efforts to bring peace in the Israeli-Gaza conflict. Letters have been sent to Congress, Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama. Meanwhile, the Holy See has made an appeal to the United Nations. The Holy See is also working to bring an end to the persecution of Christians in nations around the world, including Iraqi Christians.


Posted: August 8, 2014

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