Prayers for Victims of Violence

At the end of a violent week in America, many families are mourning the unneccesary loss of their loved ones. The Missouri Catholic Conference expresses our sincere condolences to the victims and families of all those lost. As the culture of America seems to continue down a violent path, we must remember that Catholic teaching upholds the sanctity of all life and the dignity of all persons. Bishop of the Diocese of Dallas, Kevin Farrell, issued a statement this morning in response to the shootings.

“We have been swept up in the escalating cycle of violence that has now touched us intimately as it has others throughout our country and the world. All lives matter: black, white, Muslim, Christian, Hindu. We are all children of God and all human life is precious,” he said.

The Dallas bishop continued: “We cannot lose respect for each other and we call upon all of our civic leaders to speak to one another and work together to come to a sensible resolution to this escalating violence. Let us implore God our Heavenly Father to touch the minds and hearts of all people to work together for peace and understanding.” He concluded by quoting Pope Francis in saying, “Violence cannot be overcome with violence. Violence is overcome with peace.”

Read the USCCB statement on the attack here, and read more from Bishop Farrell by following this link.

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