Pro-Lifers Seek State Inquiry Into Abortion Complications

Last Tuesday, Missouri pro-life groups including Students for Life and 40 Days for Life held state-wide press conferences to call attention to the plight of 67 women taken by ambulance from the St. Louis Planned Parenthood facility for complications presumptively caused by abortions.

The rally, dubbed “67 Women in White”, was an effort to draw attention to these ambulance visits and to request Governor Greitens’ administration to investigate these incidents further. It was held on the same day SB 5, the new pro-life law passed by the Missouri General Assembly this summer, went into effect.

SB 5 requires the state to perform annual inspections of abortion facilities. New regulations issued by the Greitens’ administration implementing the new law also require more detailed reporting of abortions performed in Missouri, along with information about complications experienced. The Greitens’ administration has been supportive of the new law, so stay tuned on this evolving story.