Raise the Age Fails to Pass

Despite a last minute attempt by the House to add Raise the Age to SB 50, the bill never made it across the finish line. SB 50 was a health care directive bill, to which numerous amendments were added (including Raise the Age) once it reached the House. A conference committee was held and in the end, only amendments relating to health care were included in the measure that passed.

Raise the Age is an effort to increase juvenile jurisdiction from 17 to 18 years old.  Missouri is only one of seven states that still treat 17-year-olds as adults under the law. The vast majority of 17-year-olds are arrested for non-violent crimes; those juveniles who commit serious crimes would still be treated as adults.

The Missouri Catholic Conference supported Raise the Age as it coincides with the USCCB position that young people should not be placed in adult jails and treated as adults. This issue is expected to resurface next year.