One thought on “Redoubled Effort on Alternatives to Abortion Needed in Wake of U.S. Supreme Court Decision

  1. Maureen Lydon King says:

    Where is the justice and sensibility in this decision? Abortion is an assault to humanity. It kills babies and puts women at risk. By this ruling the SCOTUS has once again demonstrated a lack of justice and knowledge of the issue and the repercussions of the infamous decision. We are at the mercy of some justices who are under the power of a liberal agenda that is deleterious to our country and our future. The Supreme Court has let the title “supreme” go to their head. The are not supreme–only God can claim that title. The will of the people has once again been ignored by the liberal extreme agenda.
    The system has once again failed the citizens and needs to be fixed.

    The Supreme Court should not be a political machine with decisions dictated by the political views of the judges. Unfortunately, that is the current situation and for that reason we must do what we can to elect a president and leaders who will uphold the Constitution, the moral values, and the inalienable rights of the citizens of our country.

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