Religious Liberty Remains a Challenge Post Hobby Lobby

Defenders of religious liberty breathed a collective sigh of relief following the Hobby Lobby decision.  The 5-4 decision was, after all, a victory for religious liberty, if only a modest one.  Following the decision, however, the pro-choice lobby denounced the decision as denying women access to contraception, among other arguments.  Richard Doerflinger, Associate Director of the Secretariat of Pro-life Activities at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, breaks these arguments down, explaining what the court actually did. Click arguments to read.

In addition, this week, leadership in the U.S. Senate sought to bring SB 2578 to vote, a bill that would have undermined the court’s ruling.  Fortunately, there were not sufficient votes to bring the matter before the body for a vote, but the bill only fell 4 votes shy of obtaining the 60 votes needed for consideration.  As Archbishop Lori, chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on Religious Liberty, remarked “we need more respect for religious freedom in our nation, not less.”


Posted: July 18, 2014

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