Renters’ Credit Offers Lifeline to Poor – Will Legislature Get Rid of It?

A Missouri Senate committee will soon consider legislation that would repeal a tax credit available to low-income renters. HCB 3 has already passed the Missouri House. It repeals a portion of the property tax credit that allows low-income renters who are elderly or disabled to claim the credit. Over 100,000 Missourians now claim the credit. The average credit claimed is $535.

Proponents of HCB 3 argue that the credit should not be available to renters, but the Missouri Catholic Conference and others are pointing out that landlords pass on their costs, including property tax paid, to renters. Voters approved of this tax credit in the early 1970’s and since then the credit has been a lifeline to the poor, who use the money to pay for daily expenses not covered by any other program.

The MCC will keep you posted on HCB 3; look for an alert from us in the near future.