Repeal of Renters’ Credit Still in Play

A proposal that appeared dead for the session that would repeal a tax credit for low-income renters may be resurrected next week as lawmakers scramble for ways to balance the proposed state budget for fiscal year 2018.

Earlier this session the Missouri House passed HCB 3 to repeal the renters’ credit, which is currently available to low-income elderly and persons with disabilities. The House then passed a state budget that “banks” the savings from repeal of the tax credit – some $57 million – for funding in-home care for the elderly and disabled. The Senate has so far refused to pass HCB 3 but that could change as budget negotiations get underway next week between the House and the Senate.

The renters’ credit assists over 100,000 Missourians. The Missouri Catholic Conference is opposing repeal of the credit and pointing out ways the credit could be reformed while still funding in-home care for the elderly and disabled.