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One of the first things a legislative advocate learns is to be sure to “count your votes.” The votes are there to override the governor’s veto on both HB 1307 and 1132, but things can happen. A legislator can be ill the day of the veto session, another may decide a family vacation is more important, while yet another may change his mind after talking to the governor or the governor’s staff.

That’s why it is absolutely essential that you report back to the MCC and tell us what your legislators are saying. As noted in the MCC alert, there are two questions to ask and get answers to: 1) will the legislator be attending the veto session; and 2) will he/she vote to override the governor’s veto on both HB 1307 (the waiting period legislation) and HB 1132 (the tax credits for PRCs, maternity homes and food pantries). Please let us know what your legislators are saying!

Posted: July 18, 2014

2 thoughts on “Report Back to the MCC!

  1. Joyce Poitte says:

    Representative Ben Harris promptly replied to my inquires about his position
    on HB1307 and HB1132. Representative Harris said that he voted for the
    two bills. He will be in attendance and voting to over ride the governor’s

  2. Patricia Tapella says:

    See Senator Sifton’s response – needless to say I am not happy with his representation of our district!

    Dear Ms. Tapella,

    Thank you for contacting me regarding the 72-hour wait for an abortion. I respect your view but remain concerned that the legislation violates the undue burden test established in Casey v. Pennsylvania. Moreover, the bill has no exceptions for cases of rape and incest and I simply cannot support legislation not including those exceptions.

    On the issue of tax credits, I filed SB 647 which would have increased the tax credits for food pantries. It became part of SB 638 which raised the cap for credits to pregnancy resources. While the Senate Bill 638 did not pass, an identical house version, HB 113, did.

    When Veto Session convenes, I will take your views into consideration. Thank you for reaching out. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future regarding this or any other issue.

    Senator Scott Sifton
    District 1

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