Retailers Giving Holidays Back to the Family

After several years of major shopping malls and stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day, the trend may be reversing. Last week the Mall of America, the country’s largest mall, announced it would close on Thanksgiving Day this year. This week CBL & Associates Properties announced that it would close 73 of its malls across the U.S. on Thanksgiving, including four major malls in the St. Louis area. While some malls have announced that they will still open on Nov. 24, others are still weighing their options for the holiday.

When malls began opening on Thanksgiving several years ago, criticism was raised that shopping was taking precedent over family time. The open stores also put a burden on workers who might be compelled to work instead of choosing to be with family. In regard to closing for Thanksgiving, one store noted that they wanted Black Friday to remain the true start of the holiday season.

Whatever the reason, we welcome the return of Thanksgiving as a traditional family holiday!