Seeking Clemency for a Changed Man

Commute Jeffery Ferguson’s death sentence.  That was the message that numerous supporters expressed this week in a press conference hosted by Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (MADP).  Ferguson has been sentenced to death for the 1989 abduction, rape and murder of Kelli Hall.  Because of an alcoholic-blackout, Ferguson remembers little of the crime, but based on evidence, has taken responsibility for the murder.

He has expressed extreme remorse for the murder and has worked to make amends in prison where he has been a model prisoner for over two decades. Ferguson helped start a hospice program for inmates, worked on restorative justice efforts to help crime victims heal, and has counseled inmates through Christian prison ministry.

Numerous volunteers who worked with Ferguson in prison spoke at the news conference and told of the positive, supportive role model that he has been in prison.  Boyhood friend, Richard Hayes, noted there is much more to Ferguson that the bio under his prison photo.

Rita Linhardt, MADP board chair and MCC staff person, noted that Ferguson can be held accountable for his crime by remaining in prison the rest of his life.

“Society will benefit by allowing Ferguson to continue his good works in prison.  It will gain nothing by his execution,” said Linhardt.


Posted: March 21, 2014

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