Senate Supports Expungement Measure

This week the Missouri Senate gave first round approval to a bill that would allow for ex-offenders to have some of their criminal records sealed.  Under SB 588, sponsored by Sen. Bob Dixon (R-Springfield), over the course of a lifetime, offenders would be allowed to seek expungement of any number of infractions (lowest crimes punishable by fines), no more than two misdemeanor offenses and no more than one felony offense (excludes violent felonies).  SB 588 shortens the waiting period to apply and streamlines the current process for expungement.

The MCC has long supported an expungement process as a way to give a second chance to ex-offenders who have turned their life around. By sealing criminal records, ex-offenders would have a better chance at employment and becoming tax-paying citizens. Under the bill, law enforcement would still be able to view the sealed record should the individual commit future crimes.

SB 588 needs one more vote of support from the Senate before it moves to the House.


2 thoughts on “Senate Supports Expungement Measure

  1. Sarah Pittman says:

    Thank you, Senator Dixon for sponsoring this bill. To be defined by one mistake early in life, or even being in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong friends, is a tragedy. People who have paid their debt, faced the consequences, and learned from their mistake or even youthful inexperience, deserve a clean slate! It can make all the difference to a person’s self esteem and confidence to moving through their mistake and moving on with their God-given destiny in life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be praying that the one more vote of support comes through. Surely everyone or at least everyone knows of someone or has a child that has gone through having one careless action be on “their record” for life! Mercy and forgiveness can do amazing things!!

  2. Rich says:

    Thank you Senators Dixon, Curls, and everyone else working so hard on this. I am an ex-felon, who was convicted 17 years ago and it haunts me to this day. I’ve been denied good jobs because of it, even though I have a Bachelor’s Degree and am even finding it difficult to lease a place for my family and I to live. I pray this passes. At some point, people deserve an opportunity to live a normal life.

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