Send Thanks to Governor Greitens for Sparing Marcellus Williams’ Life

With just hours to spare, Governor Greitens halted the execution of Marcellus Williams and called for a board of inquiry to further investigate his claims of innocence. The board of inquiry will be made up of five individuals who will examine all evidence from his trial, including the recently identified DNA evidence. Witnesses may be called to testify. By law, the board’s proceedings are not made public. The MCC sent out a press release this week thanking the governor for his decision.

This case highlights the brokenness of the death penalty system and why it is necessary to have a board of inquiry to re-examine the evidence. The courts had not examined the new DNA evidence, and now the board of inquiry will look at the case in its entirety.

A mounting chorus of voices were calling for Governor Greitens to intervene. All across the country, thousands of people were calling, writing and signing a petition for the execution to be stopped. Your pleas were heard! Now let’s take a minute to thank Governor Greitens for having the courage to intervene. You can express your appreciation by contacting the governor through his website, or by calling his office at 751-573-3222.