“Show Me Life” Rally

On Tuesday, people rallying for the “Show Me Life” pro-life action day filled the Missouri Capitol.  Over 400 people flooded the capitol to show their support and commitment to life. Pro-life supporters lobbied their Representatives and Senators, speaking to them about key pieces of pro-life legislation. The MCC attended the rally, distributing information on pro-life legislation and urging people to speak to their legislators. At the rally, House Speaker Tim Jones (R-Eureka) talked about what it really means to be pro-life and how important these issues are to upholding the freedoms that this country offers. The keynote speaker, Susan Jaramillo, talked about the abortions she had when she was younger and the negative impact they have had on her entire life. She is now a pro-life advocate, urging others not to make the same mistakes that she did.

Thank you to all of the people who made the trip to Jefferson City!


Posted: March 14, 2014

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