Super Committees to Manage Flow of Bills in Missouri House

Yesterday the Missouri House adopted new rules to govern their proceedings.  Of special note is the creation of 13 super committees, formally called Select Standing Committees, to manage the flow of bills in the Missouri House.

The move, advocated by new Speaker of the House John Diehl (R-Town and Country), seeks to make the work of the Missouri House more efficient. Last year there were over 40 committees working on different subject matters.

Under the new rules, most of these committees will remain, but they will act more like subcommittees, referring their recommendations on bills up to their designated super committee. For example, there will be a Select Standing Committee on Education with three subcommittees: 1) elementary and secondary education; 2) higher education; and, 3) emerging issues in education.

The 13 Select Standing Committees are as follows: Agriculture; Budget; Commerce; Education; Financial Institutions and Taxation; General Laws; Insurance; Judiciary; Labor and Industrial Relations; Rules; Social Services; State and Local Governments; and, Utilities.

Prior to approving the rules on Thursday, the rules were printed in the Journal on Wednesday. If you want to read them, click House Journal; refer to pages 134-164.

How well the new system will work remains to be seen. It appears that most of the public hearings will be held at the subcommittee level with the select standing committees creating the version of the bill to report to the full House chamber. Stay tuned for more.

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