Take A Video Tour of Missouri’s Oldest Town

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy one the finest example of French Colonial architecture and gardening in the United States. Ste. Genevieve bears this honor as Missouri’s first permanent European settlement. Today, you can stroll the streets of the charming historic district and be transported back to the 18th century. Want to take a virtual tour of historic Ste. Genevieve? Watch this video. 

The date for the founding of Ste. Genevieve is hotly debated but many argue for the year 1750. The village grew slowly and many of the original settlers were French Canadian Catholics. The Catholic religious influence remains strong to this day. To delve deeper into the early colonial days of Ste. Genevieve and other Missouri settlements, download The Genesis of Missouri: From Wilderness Outpost to Statehood by the well-known historian William E. Foley at Project Muse. The book is also commonly available in libraries and can be obtained from major book-sellers.