The Children of the Poor – See, Hear, Respond.

popefrancisWho are the children of the poor? What’s it’s like for these children – in their homes, their neighborhoods and schools? Pope Francis is challenging all of us to see, hear, and respond to the cry of the poor, to not see them in abstract terms.
For the children of the poor, life is only beginning yet already they face tremendous obstacles if they are to overcome poverty and eventually raise happy and financially secure families of their own.
Childhood poverty can lead to a lifetime of poverty, of intergenerational poverty. What can be done to stop poverty at its source and offer children new hope? Scholars tell us that ending childhood poverty must begin with strong families of committed parents who have the resources to give their children a good start in life.
Below find articles prepared by the Missouri Catholic Conference that address aspects of childhood poverty. Many of the articles link to scholarly studies and commentary. We invite you to read this information and check back later as we add additional articles. Finally, we welcome your ideas on this important topic.


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Fragile Families, Fragile Children

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