They’re Back!

This Wednesday lawmakers convened in Jefferson City for the start of the 99th General Assembly. The day was filled with the usual pomp and circumstance of opening rituals. Republicans are rightly optimistic about passing their priorities as they control both chambers of the legislature with a 117-46 majority in the House of Representatives and a 24-10 majority in the Senate.

Among the Republican legislative priories highlighted on Wednesday were passage of  a “right to work” law, restrictions on lobbyists’ gifts, tort reform, education improvements and removing business regulations to create jobs.

With the inauguration of Governor-elect Eric Greitens (R) next Monday, Republicans will have a distinct advantage in getting their legislation signed into law. Governor -elect Greitens has publically supported “right to work” and ethics reform measures. But don’t expect the session to go without drama.  The Kansas City Star and St. Louis Public Radio have explored legislative areas where Republicans and the new Governor might be in disagreement.