Was Jesus Crucified During a Solar Eclipse?

With momentum growing about the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 a question might come to mind: Was Jesus also crucified during a solar eclipse? After all, the gospels note the sudden midday darkness from the sixth to the ninth hour.

Part of the problem is pinpointing the exact date of the Crucifixion. Historians concur that the most likely date would be April 3 in the year 33. But Passover occurs when there is a full moon, the exact opposite stage of the moon. Ryan Maderak, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Benedictine College, doesn’t rule out the omnipotent power of God to change the laws of physics some. But another explanation may be not a solar eclipse but a lunar eclipse – when the sun, the Earth, and moon align in such a way for the earth’s shadow to cover the moon. NASA shows that there was a partial lunar eclipse on April 3 in 33 A.D. – that same day that some think Jesus died.

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